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Locksmith Services – In the event of burglary or loss of keys, the emergency intervention of a locksmith is highly desired. For the installation, repair, or lock change, it is advisable to call on a locksmith who will provide you with quality work.

But when you are going to entrust someone with the keys to your home or your business premises: it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that they are serious. A locksmith must present various guarantees in order to avoid scams, especially in emergencies where the rates go from simple to triple. With so many options out there, it can often be difficult to know how to audit and find the perfect locksmith. However, with a little DIY, you can research the key factors in identifying a locksmith that you can trust in any situation.

Before understanding the criteria for choosing a professional locksmith, let’s know a little bit about the profession of locksmiths!


The locksmith is a craftsman or a technician in the construction field who provides Pro-smith and Lock services to businesses, public authorities, and individuals. He may also be called a “locksmith-metalworker.”

There are basically two types of locksmith: classic or artistic ironwork who performs several types of functions in locksmithing :

  • artistic ironwork;
  • classic locks: installation, replacement, repair, and shielding of all types of door locks.


Locksmith Services Singapore Prosmith and Locks

Regarding the security of your property, assets, and loved ones, there is no room for doubt – you need to ensure your home or business is secure. Imagine you’re back from vacation and realize you’ve forgotten your apartment keys, or you arrive at your door to find the lock doesn’t work. In both cases, immediate intervention from the locksmith is required. Choosing a professional, reliable and certified locksmith is one of the most important parts of protecting your home or business. When looking for a good locksmith, the available offers are so wide that it is difficult to make the right choice.

A good locksmith should be an expert ready to handle door and window emergencies, maintenance, and repairs.

Availability 24 hours a day

Availability is among the main features that a good locksmith for emergency services should have. To solve all the problems that arise in an emergency, it is very important to rely on a locksmith who is not limited to traditional working hours and is available day and night, even on holidays.

Consider the situation where it is difficult to open the front door at night. A professional locksmith will answer your call to repair, open, or replace a stuck lock in the shortest possible time.

A good locksmith offers great value for money.

When choosing a locksmith, we need to make sure that the person we work with covers the areas that require intervention.

This feature is necessary because it not only speeds up the intervention of the locksmith but also saves on travel costs.

It must be emphasized that not all locksmiths will charge extra if the call is from a rural area, but it is recommended to inquire about the additional cost due to distance when calling.

A good locksmith emphasizes professionalism on the web

Today, thanks to the Internet, you have not only a wide range of solutions that are suitable for you but also the opportunity to read the opinions of other users and whether they are satisfied with the locksmith services provided.

Analyzing reviews can be a good source of information for understanding how our chosen locksmith works and the vacancies they offer.

Years of experience make the difference.

As in all professions, locksmiths who have worked in this field for years are undoubtedly reputable locksmiths who, with the skills and experience gained over the years, can intervene accurately and on time in emergency situations.

A locksmith who keeps pace with the times puts the customer at the heart of his business, and provides courteous and timely service is truly a trusted locksmith.

It is recommended to choose a good locksmith before you actually need it. You may not have the desire or time to investigate these characteristics in the midst of an emergency situation. 


As far as possible, compare locksmiths in order to select the most reasonable price and the most serious company. A professional locksmith must present the following guarantees:

  • a work permit: Siret number;
  • an estimate: announce its prices for the chosen service;
  • punctuality: work carried out on time;
  • a service that complies with current safety standards.

Locksmith quote

In order to select your locksmith, do not hesitate to make several quote requests.

To get quotes, you can:

  • contact several locksmiths;
  • request a quote online to get several quotes from locksmiths in your area.

In general, to obtain relevant quotes, you must specify your needs as much as possible:

  • the work to be carried out;
  • the premises concerned by the work;
  • the urgency of intervention;
  • your location.

When you have obtained your locksmith quotes, analyze them scrupulously, paying attention to the following:

  • proposed supplies;
  • services included;
  • cost of labor ;
  • duration and completion time.

Note also that if the locksmith has a website, from April 1, 2017, it is required to display the price list of the main services it offers.

The different locksmith services

A professional locksmith should be able to:

  • make a duplicate key;
  • open a broken lock;
  • estimate the time, arrangements, and materials needed for the work;
  • replace all kinds of locks;
  • armor a door;
  • offer its customers the best security solutions.

Important: some locksmiths sometimes charge for unnecessary interventions, such as replacing a lock that can perfectly be repaired. Remember to ask for a quote and pay attention to what is noted in it.

Emergency benefits

A locksmith can also intervene in an emergency:

  • if a door has been slammed and the lock broken;
  • if you are locked outside your home (theft or loss of key);
  • if the door has been damaged following an attempted break-in;
  • if the lock is stuck.

Based on the above criteria, you can choose the best and high-quality Locksmith Services Singapore for your needs.

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