Essential Locksmith Tools for Efficient Door Opening Service in Singapore

Locksmith Tools Door Opening Services

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Locksmith Tools


When it comes to locksmith services in Singapore, Prosmith and Lock stand out as the go-to professional locksmith for all your needs. From main door and letter box key replacements to car and office glass door lock replacements, they have a comprehensive range of services. To provide efficient and reliable services, locksmiths rely heavily on their tools. In this article, we will explore the essential locksmith tools required for top-notch door opening service in Singapore.

  1. Lock Pick Sets

Lock pick sets are the quintessential tools of any locksmith. These sets contain a variety of picks and tension wrenches that help in manipulating the pins inside a lock, allowing it to be opened without a key. Locksmiths at Prosmith and Lock are trained in using lock pick sets with precision and skill, enabling them to handle different types of locks, including traditional key locks, cylinder locks, main door locks, glass door and more.

  1. Key Extractors

When dealing with broken keys or jammed locks, key extractors are invaluable tools. These tools allow locksmiths to safely remove broken keys from locks, preventing further damage to the lock mechanism. Prosmith and Lock locksmiths are equipped with high-quality key extractors, ensuring a seamless extraction process without compromising the integrity of the lock.

  1. Bump Keys

Bump keys are specially crafted keys that can be used to open certain types of pin tumbler locks. While they require skill and finesse to use, bump keys are handy tools for locksmiths. Prosmith and Lock locksmiths are trained to use bump keys responsibly and only in situations where their use is legal and authorized.

  1. Plug Spinners

Plug spinners are designed to quickly and efficiently rotate the plug of a lock in the direction opposite to that used to unlock it. This is particularly useful when a lock has been picked, but the plug hasn’t fully rotated to open the door. With plug spinners, Prosmith and Lock locksmiths can expedite the door opening process, saving time for their customers.

  1. Electric Pick Guns

Electric pick guns are power tools that automate the lock-picking process. They work by rapidly vibrating the pins in a lock, simulating the action of manually picking the lock. While electric pick guns can speed up the process of door opening, they require skilled handling. Prosmith and Lock locksmiths have the expertise to use electric pick guns responsibly and effectively.

  1. Tubular Lock Picks

Tubular lock picks are specialized tools used to open tubular locks, commonly found on safes and certain vending machines in Singapore. These locks have a unique circular keyway, and tubular lock picks are designed to navigate and manipulate the pins within that keyway. Prosmith and Lock locksmiths are equipped with tubular lock picks to handle such locks securely.

  1. Lock Decoders

Lock decoders are advanced tools used by locksmiths to decode the internal components of a lock. These tools enable locksmiths to understand the intricate mechanisms of a lock, facilitating the creation of replacement keys or determining the best course of action for lock repairs. With lock decoders, Prosmith and Lock locksmiths can accurately assess the situation and offer tailored solutions to their customers.

Locksmith Tools Conclusion

Prosmith and Lock is the premier professional locksmith service in Singapore, offering a wide range of services to cater to your needs. To ensure efficient and reliable door opening service, their locksmiths are equipped with a diverse array of essential tools, from lock pick sets and key extractors to tubular lock picks and lock decoders. With their expertise and advanced tools, you can rest assured that Prosmith and Lock will handle your locksmith needs with utmost professionalism and skill.

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