Evolution of the Locksmith Services Trade – From Conventional Lock to Digital Lock

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Locksmith Services – Locks were rare in ancient times and were reserved for people in positions of authority. Evidence suggests that locksmithing can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Babylon, some four thousand years ago. Some historians think that locks were first employed to protect goods from theft on old trade routes. You’d be wrong to believe that. Locks were not something that most people had.

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Locks of the past were very different from modern ones. The gigantic wooden locks came with an equally humongous wooden key. The wooden key was often mounted on a ring and worn on the index finger to show the world how important the owner was. In that era, keys were signs of affluence because they indicated the owner had valuable possessions to lock up. This position carried a high degree of respect and prestige among the populace.

Although modern locks are much smaller and safer, they have the same primary purpose as their more prominent, cumbersome forebears. The oldest known lock dated back to 704 BC and was discovered in Assyrian palace remains. The pin mechanism of this lock was hidden in plain sight in what looked like an enlarged toothbrush for the key. The lock’s pin is designed to be pushed upwards with the key to unlock the device. Even though much progress has been made since then, the technology behind modern keys is still very similar.

The Conventional Function of Locksmiths

It’s always best to call a Locksmith Services Singapore when you find yourself locked out of your home, as doing so on your own is almost impossible without the proper tools and training. The time it takes a newly trained locksmith to open a lock may be longer than that of a seasoned one. Lock picking requires both expertise and skill.

Locksmiths used to be able to do more than unlock doors for their customers. However, these days you can have duplicate keys made at almost any store, and it rarely pays to have locks repaired when you consider how cheap new locks are. Because of this, a locksmith’s job nowadays consists primarily of opening locks.

Lately, electronic locks have become more popular than mechanical ones. Is there a reason why digital locks are becoming increasingly popular? In what ways might this change the locksmithing industry shortly? How likely would they be able to keep doing business as usual?

Traditional Locksmiths Face Retirement as Digital Locks Become the New Standard

Digital locks have become increasingly common. Thus, locksmiths need to acquire new expertise to deal with them (i.e., the opening of digital locks for houses and offices and safe deposit boxes).

If digital locks continue to gain popularity as we predict they will, locksmith services will likely focus more on gaining access to these locks. According to the Transparency Market Research article “Rising Adoption of Biometric Systems in Enterprise,” dated 23 May 2017, digital door lock systems are widely adopted across end-user industries such as homes, factories, governments, and businesses, with the Asia-Pacific region leading in terms of growth rate. According to the study, the global market for digital door locks was worth an estimated $1,161.7 million in 2016 and is expected to increase rapidly over the coming years.

Since digital locks are so simple to operate, they are becoming increasingly popular in homes across Asia and the rest of the world. In the next 10-20 years, locksmiths who fail to adapt to the digital age and learn the new talent of opening such smart locks may find themselves out of work. In today’s rapidly evolving world, where digital technology is being adopted at a dizzying rate, businesses must decide whether to adapt to survive.

Locksmithing has significantly developed as an art and profession, and it will continue to meet a significant need in the commercial and residential sectors.

By the 18th century in Europe, locksmiths could design and build more robust and secure locking mechanisms because of developments in metallurgy. Later, with the advent of the industrial revolution and its mass production techniques, the locksmith’s skill underwent profound changes yet continued to develop. Due to increased competition brought on by mass production, locksmiths now have to choose between two distinct areas of expertise: either working for security companies that design safes for banks and governments or as repairers of fixing broken locks, industrial locks created in factories, or replicating keys. Keeping up with the competition required discarding some locksmithing art while keeping the profession alive.

Locksmith Services Singapore nowadays may still employ some of the age-old techniques and jargon that have developed over many decades or even centuries. These days, locksmiths can work at anything from a high-tech store to a security firm to a private investigation firm (as forensic locksmiths) to a consulting firm specializing in security (designing high-tech anti-theft systems). As a bonus, locksmiths today have revitalized the ancient craft by setting themselves out as specialists in the automotive and home remodelling sectors. The locksmithing industry of today has advanced past antiquated methods while keeping alive a once-famous craft.

Thousands of different types of locks are still in use today, but a handful of the most common ones are described below.

Levers, two-point (2 points) locks, pocket door locks, single-sided deadbolts, privacy locks, mortise handle sets, single cylinders, and keyless handle sets and locks.

Prosmith Locksmith Service Singapore

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