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The main door of your property plays a significant role in various aspects. If your main door is appealing, your house will have a memorable identity for people. It adds to the aesthetics of your home and reflects your choice.

Other than design, your main door must be secured. It is essential to develop safe habits. You can find various types of main door locks and functionalities.

Here we will discuss various aspects of HDB main doors, key replacement, and how to select the right lock for your main gate. 

Significance of HDB Main Door Lock Replacement

Significance of Main Door Lock

Locks are designed according to the need. The locking mechanism for the main gate is heavy-duty and larger compared to bedroom locks. A secure and advanced main gate locking will reduce the risks of unwanted entrance or trespassing.

You can instantly take the required action for security. In Singapore, the majority of Singaporeans are living in a HDB. Over time, the residents of HDB housing often face main door lock and key-related problems. An assessment of a locksmith will provide you with recommendation for your main gate door.

When Do You Need Main Door Lock Replacement

HDB Main Door Lock Replacement

It is essential to check the locks’ regular maintenance. Ignoring issues like the hard turning of the lock or rusting can later lead to major lock problems. Here we will discuss some of the commonly known main door lock problems.

1. Broken Lock

One of the common main door lock issues is broken locks. Faulty or poor-quality locks tend to get damaged faster. Due to their quality, it might not be in a condition to get repaired. The internal mechanism of the lock hardware can get damaged due to pressure or low quality material. 

2. Distorted Lock

Extreme weather conditions, especially hot weather like Singapore, can cause expansion of the lock material. With the ever-increasing heat, the locks get damaged and distorted. Your regular key might not fit the distorted lock and can get broken upon applying pressure. You will then need the main door key replacement service.

HDB Main Gate Lock Problems

3. Door Not Closing

The door does not close properly when the lock’s internal parts are misaligned. You will have difficulty rotating the key and securing your home. Other than misalignment, there can be multiple reasons for the door not closing properly. It could be due to loose screws, swollen material, and more. It is better to engage locksmith services for professional assessment and replacement. 

Which Type of Main Door Lock Should You Choose?

It is essential to adopt the latest innovations. Every new gadget is advanced in its functionality and provides greater security. Once you know you need an HDB main door lock replacement, it is the time to go for a sustainable security lock. 

It is recommended to upgrade your current lock with smart or electronic locks that provide the keyless option.

With advanced locking systems, you will have the following benefit:

Besides knowing the functionalities, you must have a basic understanding of the lock and its parts. If you need a part replacement, it should be available in the market and easy to reinstall. 

How Does a Locksmith Solve Your Main Door Lock Issues?

Installing a new smart lock can be tricky for beginners. Instead of trying to set up the locking system yourself, engage a professional locksmith services for easy fixation. Hiring a trusted locksmith will help you in effective HDB main door lock replacement and can provide with main door key replacement services. He will be able assess the current situation of the lock and decide if it can be repaired or needs a replacement. Your stress will be taken off through time-effective and valuable locksmith services. 

In Singapore, Pro-Smith and Locks Services is the leading locksmith service provider. We understand the importance of following the HDB housing rules and providing security. With years of experience, we know the HDB door locks that are sustainable and durable. 

Our timely and affordable locksmith services have gained trust and excellence in the field. 

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