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Locksmith Services is vital to enhancing the protection and privacy of a property.

It is the art of installing new locks, defeating broken ones, and handling key-related issues. It is significant to choose a skilled locksmith to ensure reliable work. Let’s look at some of the most common locksmith services you can find in Singapore.

Locksmith Services in Singapore

Locksmith Services in Singapore

Although installation and replacement of locks seem like a small job, your door is prone to threat/risks or unauthorized access if it is not installed properly. A professional locksmith will use professional tools and good-quality locks that are not easy to crack. They can work efficiently under pressure, increasing their reliability and professionalism. Instead of risking your property’s security, let a professional handle it.

1. Locksmith Services Installation of New Locks

Singapore is constantly becoming a hub of industrialization and prosperity. New construction projects have led to high demand for locksmith services. Locks are essential to property security. Every newly constructed building requires locks installation. Pro-Smith and Locks Services excel in providing the latest locking and security systems for enhanced protection and access control.

It is essential to define the type of new lock required for installation. For commercial purposes, the locks are different than those of residentials. There are various types of locks for the main entrance, main gate, and bedroom locks. You can find a variety of new locks such as smart locks, card swipe locks, keypad locks, padlocks, or standard locking systems.

2. Lock Repairs

The older your locks get, the more it is prone to damage due to tear and wear. Unless the lock is of premium quality, you might need to repair your locks or get it replaced. It is essential to consider regular locks maintenance. A Locksmith will help you if you face issues like frozen locks or difficulty getting out the keys. The locksmith will assess the condition of your lock and recommend if it can be repaired or if you need to install a new one.

Prosmith Locks Repairs Singapore Locksmith

3. Security Locks

Security locks are becoming an essential part of both residential and commercial properties. The security locks are designed keeping in mind the possible attempts of break ins. The ability to monitor and control access allows the owner to add an extra protection layer and provides security. You can find different types of security locks with different features.

4. Accidental Locks

People accidentally get locked up inside their room or sometimes even in a car. It is very frustrating to be stuck in such a situation. During such conditions, a professional locksmith can rescue you in the shortest possible time. Saving you from any possible further damage or even life threating situation. Consider connecting with professional locksmith services for emergency assistance. An expert locksmith knows how to handle stressful situations and efficiently break/ repair the lock. 

5. Key Duplication

Key duplication is one of the most popular locksmith services in Singapore. People require key duplications for new keys or the lost keys. You might need spare keys if you are renting out your room. As the locking systems have advanced, the keys are also of a special type and require careful duplication and creation of new ones. Depending on the type of lock you are using, one of the primary method of key duplication is known as key cutting. 

HDB Main Gate Key Replacement Service

6. HDB Lock Services

The majority of Singapore citizens lives in Housing Development Board (HDB). If you are living in HDB housing, you will notice the need to change your HDB main door locks and letter box.
For HDB main door lock and broken letter box replacement, contact Prosmith and Locks for professional locksmith services.

7. Security Risk Assessment

Besides lock-related services, a professional locksmith can perform a security risk assessment of your place. It is highly recommended for commercial areas where the break-ins probability is higher. Through locksmith services, you can get the place assessed for threat. The locksmith will recommend a security lock based on your needs.


Locksmith services are essential for enhancing the safety and security of citizens. Choosing a trusted and reputable locksmith company is encouraged for reliable and professional services. With growing commercial and residential areas, the demand for locksmiths will increase. 

Connect with Pro-Smith and Locks Services for locksmith services now. 

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