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Office Glass Door Lock Replacement Lock – Commercial locks are designed to provide greater security and access control. Commercial-grade locks are different than residential locks. They have a stronger build to resist the possibility of threat. Commercial areas are more prone to vulnerability due to the increased number of valuables and cash.

Various strategies are taken under consideration to enhance protection, including security gadgets and doors. It is essential to consider the door material for lock installation. If your office has a glass door lock, you might need locksmith services for effective lock replacement. 

Let’s look deeper at glass door locks and their replacement methods.

Singapore Office Glass Door Lock Replacement Service

Glass Door Locks; Are They More Fragile?

The type of door installation can greatly add to the aesthetics of the place. Glass doors have numerous benefits. With a glass door, your office will look classy and have abundant natural light. But there are a few factors to be considered about office glass doors.

You can easily look through a glass door which can decrease privacy, but on the other hand, it can give greater control to monitor employees. Although the glass door composition consists of high-grade material, it is still essential to choose a strong office glass door lock. Poor quality locks have lesser durability.

Office Glass Door Replacement

Like every other type of door lock, glass door locks have their pros and cons. You can find sliding and double-open glass doors in offices, giving them a better appearance. A crucial factor is that the door material is glass. This makes a choice and functionality of the lock application different. Here is a list of possible office glass door issues you might run into. 

1. Glass Door Not Closing Properly

Glass doors that are sliding in their construction often face the problem of losing the closing mechanism. The sliding doors often get stuck due to misalignment. It can be due to loosening up bolts of the strike plate. The door not being able to latch properly.

2. Trouble Inserting the Key

Another commonly observed problem in office glass doors is trouble inserting the keys. The internal mechanism of the lock often gets clogged with dirt. Other reasons could be poor-quality keys that are rusted.

3. Broken Lock

It is strongly recommended to only install premium quality office glass door locks. Low quality locks will likely have more problems and more need for locksmith services. A broken lock has various reasons. Other than using a low-grade lock, it can be broken upon applying extreme pressure to close the door. The mechanism and the alignment can be disturbed, leading to broken locks. 

Office Glass Door Lock Replacement Service

The office door’s glass material is often a concern for security purposes. Although the glass is strengthened using various materials and adding stronger layers, it is essential to consider a strong door lock for commercial usage. Here we will unfold how you can change office door locks. Consider office glass door lock replacement services if you have trouble changing the locks.

1. Essential Factors to be Considered

Before changing the office glass door lock, it is essential to assess and identify the service required. Examine the lock and see the condition of the hardware. If the hardware is broken, you will need to consider more options than rekeying. Some often involves the improvement of the existing lock. Determine the size and fit of the cylinders of the commercial door locks. Visualize the model of your lock and find suitable hardware accordingly. 

It is recommended that when you are required to change your lock, consider a high-graded security lock. Good quality locks will bring out durable benefits for security. 

2. Choose the Type of Door Lock Replacement

Once you have decided on the office glass door lock replacement service, choose a sustainable lock for your glass office door. You can find basic locks, push locks, and electric locks. Whichever you choose, it is essential to keep in mind the security and quality of the lock you are purchasing. 

Office Glass Door Lock Replacement Service Singapore

3. Procedure

Office glass door lock replacement procedure depends upon the type. Whichever lock type you have, the basic method remains the same. You might have to adjust the steps according to the lock slightly.

4. Connect with a Locksmith

Commercial door locks use different internal mechanisms. If you have difficulty adjusting the new glass door lock, connect with a professional locksmith for an office door lock replacement service. It will ensure the right lock placement.

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