Room Door Opening Service

HDB Door Lock Opening Service

The opening of lock services also caters not only to residential locks. We do also provide our services to commercial lock such as offices door locks.

buying a bedroom door lock

Bedroom Door Lock Replacement Service

We do replacement of locks and installation of locks for room doors’, main gate, HDB Main wooden door, and even the glass door in all residential, commercial, and office premises.

Letter Box Lock Replacement

Many owners may think that their letterbox lock is replaced by Housing Development Board or Singpost. But are you aware that nowadays Housing Development Board (HDB) and SingPost they no longer take charge of the Letterbox lock replacement?

HDB Main Door Lock Opening Service

HDB Main Door Lock Opening Service

Specialize in providing professional locksmith services, one of the primary services we provide is unlocking of room locks, Main Door Locks in Singapore.

Car Door Opening Service

Car Locksmith

One of the most embarrassing moments you can encounter is being locked out of a car. That oops moment when you realize you don’t have your car keys in the pocket but inside the car. You surely will skip a beat and freak out.

Singapore Office Glass Door Lock Replacement Service

Glass Door Lock

Our Locksmith also does replace glass door notch lockset for Industrial, Commercial, Offices Shophouses, shops.

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Locksmith Services Singapore

Pro-Smith and Locks Services are professional locksmith services providers based in Singapore. With over ten years of experience, we continuously strive to provide optimum services with greater customer satisfaction.

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