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Letter Box Lock Replacement – Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) used to help owner replace letterbox. Do you know that they no longer provide this service anymore? 

Many homeowners thought that the letterbox belongs to HDB or Singpost, but they do not change the lock for you in the event it becomes faulty. 

Are you looking for a locksmith to do letterbox key replacement service? We are here to help you. Here are some other reasons why people find a locksmith to change their HDB letterbox lock.

1) Lost letterbox key in Singapore

2) HDB letter box Lock cannot open  ie. Spoilt  

3) Change of Domestic helper

4) Need a change of new keys

Are you having one of the above reasons mentioned? No fret. We meet a lot of owners facing the same issue. 

Letter Box Lock Type 1

HDB letter box lock (Basic): 2 new keys provided

Brand: Ocean

Letter Box Lock Type 2

HDB letter box lock (Basic): 3 new keys provided

Brand: Real

Letter Box Lock Type 3

HDB letter box lock (Basic): 3 new keys provided

Letter Box Lock Type 4

HDB letter box lock (Basic): 3 Pin Password

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the difference between types 1, 2, 3?

A: Other than the different number of keys provided. The Quality of the lock and durability counts as well. On top of it, the level of Security of the lock as well. type 2’s keys are more complicated compared to type 1 and 3. Also to say, type 2 will be of higher security. hope this helps! Cheers! hear from you!

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